How to use our product

Health products are vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines, homeopathic preparations, probiotics and even some traditional medicines are also prescribed by doctor or any equivalent physician.

 100% natural powder made from plants

Instructions for use: put a sachet in a liter and a half of lukewarm water, let infuse for ten minutes, drink a glass of in the morning, a glass in the evening.

 Products made from natural plants

Products made in Cameroon

Available in pack of fifteen pieces

Put a sachet in a cup of hot water, let infuse for five minutes, drink morning and evening.

 Available in a pack of twelve pieces

Apply the balm to the affected area and gently massage twice a day.

Cosmetics comprise a range of products that are used to care for the face and body or to enhance or change the appearance of the face or body. The products include skin care, personal care, cosmetics and fragrance.

Natural soaps sold in packs of six

Use it morning and evening during your bath.

100% natural cream made from natural elements

Apply the cream to the face and or body morning and evening after the bath.